CD creator burns copy-protection

I just posted the article CD creator burns copy-protection.

As we all know the new discs now making their way into record stores in the United States and Europe contain countermeasures that prevent playback on computers and, in some unintended cases, normal…

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I hope they do! I have a cd,distributed by EMI,wich isn’t playable anymore in my hifi equipment. But it’s perfect rippable on my computer…so what’s the point by trying to protect them! This sh** only makes their sales go down.:d

go philips! hope more record companies realise how f**king foolish they are by letting us not excersise our rights! i bought the new freestylers album, which is also copy protected… sometimes my dvd-rom drive reads through the protection though, so i was able to rip it to my hd.

This is the time where we should support phillips as much as we can.

All blame SONY for being so keen on protecting artist’s music. Napster forever!!! All copy protection will be beaten and we will hear about it hear first. :4

Did you know I can’t spell? I meant HERE. :g

Finaly a company that has a litle bit of sense left in their corporate brains. If they ebable copying protected CDs and they make a decent burner Philips is my next burner. They deserve my support as they seem to work for me, the customer.

Uh, does no one see the a monopoly with Philips Burners and more over why have the damn protection if you’re going to sell burners to copy them. why have the copy protection in the first place??? Gee let’s come out with a protection so no one can play or copy it unless they buy our hardware? :r

1677256: maybe you should read the article again ? philips is supporting us by saying that the protected CDS are not covered under the DMCA and therefore are allowed to be copied. Philips did not invent the protection. How is that a monopoly ? microsoft forces its shit on us, philips is saying “hey, this protection is fucked, we can earn some $$$ by giving the customers what they want (legaly).” horay for philips.

Philips Rulez Im thankful 4 my expanium mp3 cd player every day :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand the idea behind anti-rip protection. All it really seems to do is prevent casual and/or perfect fidelity ripping, when really the bulk of the people trading pirate mp3’s are 1)not casual 2)have plenty of time (being teenagers and undergrads) on their hands and 3)don’t give a rat’s ass about perfect fi. Also, the biggest pool of disposable income is in the hands of teenagers, who aren’t likely to embrace corporate restrictions on their music.

What the record companies don’t seem to understand is that if it can be heard it can be ripped,traded,and BURNED !!! And we all have plenty of time to do it!!! :4

Nice article!! GOod move from Philips. But I think (hope) that many other CDR manufactures will also enable their drives to copy protected CDs… I mean a company like Plextor or LiteOn doesn’t have anything to do with the so called protection of rights for the artists… Go philips!

My point was that YES the copy protection is Fu**ed. but if it’s legal to copy or make backups why have the copy protection in the first damn place?

i would spend £200 on a new ricoh or lite on or philips drive rather than give these corporate a$$holes my hard earned for protected discs … im sure a lot of other users would as well, i aint bought a disc in years and i aint starting now … if we can read the disc then we can rip it… end of story … theyre just hoping all of us will get pi$$ed off with keeping upto date with our hardware … besides, they cant go much further without making discs unplayable to the general public and killing the business anyway … so… lets rip an burn on eh ?? … KUDOS

“I mean a company like Plextor or LiteOn doesn’t have anything to do with the so called protection of rights for the artists…” … and if they do MP|3 ? :frowning:

if it’s legal to copy CD’s then it must be illegal to manufacture copy protected CD’s therefore can we sue the manufacturer of the copyprotected CD’s + d 7 8

Go Phillips! I have always bought Phillips burners and now I plan to continue to buy Phillips burners and put Phillips burners in any computers I build. :d P.S. ahhhh, Charlotte Church…