CD Creation Software Advice Request!

KathyO here… I’m a newbie!

I am looking for advice on what cd creation software to purchase… here is what I plan to do:

  1. scan documents
  2. convert the documents to pdf files (I have a pdf converter)
  3. create a graphically pleasing menu page for a cd that links to the pdf files
  4. burn the cd (my pc has a cd burner)

Most of the software I look at seems to be far more involved than what I need. After reading about quite a few of them, I am more confused than ever… like will I need to have a pdf reader on the cd… and an ini file… help!!!
Any recommendations will be very appreciated.

Thank you!

Check Multimedia Builder.
I used it to create manual on CD using PDF files and menus to point to the files, something you want to do.

Thanks so much for the recommendation! At a glance it seems to be what I am looking for.
I will give the trial download a run and post my experience with it.
Thanks again…

Hi There!
I downloaded the trial version of Multimedia Builder… it is awesome!!
I’ve created a neat cd… but when I try to send it to my cd burner I get an error message… cannot create auto.mbd… any words of wisdom?
Thanks again for your recommendation… this software is just what I’ve been looking for!

It’s been a while since I used this software, but it could be that it is Trial version.
In any case, check there forum, it may be more help.