CD Cover Searching

Both my music player and PC CD player display cover art for the selected title, so I’m constantly looking for covers.

Are there any good search engines for searching multiple cover sites? I used to use, but they appear to be dead. I need a suitable replacement. is the best for all but audio cds, unfortunatly mega-search got shut down, dont know why, i thought covers where legal. i guess google can help you find covers, but mega-search was the easyest way.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. has loads of good covers, so you probibly will be fine with only this unless you are looking for rare covers,

i keep getting this the Unlimited FREE IE Games popup box on the site, pops up all the time, is there any way of blocking it?

ben :slight_smile:

My bookmarks are loaded with individual cover sites. I’m just looking for an easy way to search all of them.

This one is pretty good. Thanks. :slight_smile: