CD copyright protection

I am going to burn a CD with jpeg images on it and I want to be able to copyright the CD so it cannot be copied. Could you please tell me how.


You can look at some other recent threads detailing copy protection (TZ), but there is a basic problem.

What are you going to do with the images?
It is impossible to protect a raw directory of standard files, if you can see them, you can copy them.

Now if you have some smart software you wrote, that can open the files by LBA, then you can destroy the directory entries, and use other dirty tricks to prevent a full copy.

Making it hard to copy is one side of it, but no use if you can just strip the bits you want!

It it can be viewed, it can be copied(as Matth said). One method that would come to mind is just taking a screenshot of the image.

But do a search, and you should find some CD protection programs.