CD Copying problem help please

First post here…here goes…
I use a Memorex Twelve Maxx CD writer , and Nero to burn CDS.
Most cds i insert into the drive open up/copy in Nero ok.( originals and CDRs )
Some CDR discs that have been burned for me by friends i cannot copy.
I get the message; " No medium inserted or drive not ready ".
The drive does not start up. I can normally hear it start up when a disc is inserted.
It seems i have a few Verbatim that it wont recognise , even though they
have music on them and play fine on my hifi.
Any ideas why these wont copy and how to fix this problem ?
All help appreciated

It could be Nero and its InCD program causing this issue. I had the problem trying to read certain discs because of this packet writing program. Try turning it off. If your friends use Roxio DLA, that can also be a source of trouble in the same way. Personally, I have completely removed both Nero and Roxio and now use Ashampoo-which causes no problems at all for me. I do use Verbatim discs for most of my projects. I have used Memorex with mixed results.
Just my experience. Have a terrific New Year!