CD Copying 101

Hmmmm - I want to copy CD’s so I am certain that I have hit the correct location. Next problem - I don’t know how. I have about 500 movies of various quality and I want to get it all backed up and perhaps share with friends (morality not the subject).

I have had a couple success stories with rip and burn (one actually) but I have destroyed about five discs in the tinkering.

Thus, there is clearly more to this than I am reading into it.

My basic belief: Rip, compact, burn and that sounds so simple. But…

Please point me to a link that gives a description of what is precisely happening in here. I must be missing a few concepts in the chain of events and if I could have some type of flow chart in the main concept with the routine deviations I could get somewhere.

I have found a lot of great links so far that give great imformation, but I believe I need to get a lot more theory down before trying the practical. so far one out of six disc success rate is not so great.

Mostly, my failure seems to be getting the discs to finish. If the movie has 20 chapters say, I get 19 ok and then get an unexpected error which makes things not so great.

If it is in print I can do it, so if someone could send me to a very meaningful and comprehensive location that explains the basics, I could start there.



I have never had a problem when using Slysoft CloneCD to make exact copies of just about any disc out there, even heavily copy-protected ones.

If you need to modify chapters or menus, then their CloneDVD tool allows that and should still work.

If you’re not using standard movie DVDs or data CDs, I’d stick with the first option, CloneCD, since it copies in RAW mode.

If they are CDs or home burned DVDs (and not encrypted commercial releases) you can use ImgBurn (free software) to make copies.