CD copy warning!

Hi, I just want to tell everyone about warnings I have been hearing all this month, every day on the radio, about copying software…
.the companys are really going to go after people who make copies of them and sell them or GIVE FREE to other people. they are very serious! sending warnings all this month as a grace period, then starting june first, if you are caught selling or giving a game .it will cost $150,000 fine…PER ITEM!!!no B.S.!!!
if you give out copies or sell them, you can be financially ruined for life!
I’m also sure the companies will be offering rewards to people who can report someone that is selling copies.

we are allowed to make one copy of a game for our own personal backup CD.but thats it…some wont even allow that! if you scratch the CD, your supposed to get a new replacement from the company! BULL! costs$$$$$!!!
sites like these are going to be among the first one monitored for potential violators!
so, friends, Beware!!

:mad: :mad:

Thanks for the tip but not the right forum :wink:
Will move it to Living Room.

Ya i have heard that shit as well, but i don’t really care because they cannot really do anything, there is a BSA office about a mile away from my house, my friends and I are thinking about going over there some night and hanging up Burnt CD all over the windows and shit like that.

That’s why we are pretty strict with the rules, we don’t anyone to get in trouble. Our instruction and help only goes for software that allows you to make backups. We hope the information on the site and forum is not abused by pirates, on this forum you are innocent untill the opposite is proven, but if we find out you don’t own the legal copy, we won’t help you. We however won’t be coming at your door to control it…

the company would need to have some kind of written proof of sale or illegal transfer of the copied software, plus the actual copy involved…any attempts at prosecution will involve a lot of legal hassles…but they got the $$$$$! not us!

Do you have any website that says that?
Or you just heard it? :wink:

no wewbsite… just the radio announcements every day for last month…they said it will not be retroactive…starts on june 1st…the search for illegal copying will intensify greatly…i’ll try and get more detailed info to you guys[gals]

well thank you for warning. Not that there is any need tho. Because i only make real backups. I cant even dream doing anything illegal… :wink:

Perhaps you now better understand my strong position on illegal matters on this forum…

right on!
I noticed that the CloneCD forum site has been inaccessable for past week…anyone no anything about this?

I meant the CloneCD forum at the official Clone CD site

Originally posted by stonecold
[B]I meant the CloneCD forum at the official Clone CD site [/B]

Homepage says

"Welcome to the ultimate Clonecd Website. In this section you will find everything you need to download and use this powerful free cd burning software program correctly and efficiently. This is a totally free site featuring a wide variety of topics and information that will allow you to crack Clone cd. Use this site for information, "

and then suddenly on the download page

“We do not endorse the use of Clonecd Crack Serial Keys.”


There aint no way that they are going to be able to enforce these “strict rules”. Lets face it, almost everyone with a burner has made atleast one “illegal” copy. How exactly are they going to crack down on these people? It will cost them more to find these people and prosecute them (atleast in the US) than they would get from the fines. I think that the people they are most likely to go after are the major producers of illegal copies of games, music, movies. The ones that deal with thousands of illegal copies each week.
Also, I’m pretty sure that this website has nothing to fear. If sites like gamecopyworld and megagames are still running then this website is a long way from being in jeopardy.