CD Copy Utility



Could someone recommend a CD Copy Utility that 1) automatically starts copying a disk when it is inserted, 2) ejects the disk being copied and prompts for a new CD, 3) starts copying to the blank CD automatically when it is inserted, and 4) automatically ejects the copied disk? Although I am presently using Nero, it would be helpful not to have to click several times as I have a lot of disks to copy. None of the disk is copy protected, so that is not an issue. The OS is Windows XP SP2.

Free is good, but reasonably priced software will be considered.


Unless I am misunderstanding what you posted, Nero, and that is Nero 5 up to Nero 7 ultra, all have multiple disk capability so you only need to tell it how many copies to make. If on the other hand you are only making one copy and you have a hundred of DVDs then I do not believe that any software will do that.


neumannu47: It sounds like you’re in need of a disk duplicator although they are likely to be several hundreds of dollars (not considering ebay).


It would be simple software to produce. Hopefully someone has done so. I don’t need to do enough to justify buying a duplicator. Thanks for the responses.