CD copy Protections

Im sure most of us here are familiar with CD protections. They are found almost on everycd now a days. Now there are know workarounds for this but my question to you is what software do you recommend for making Exact copys of Games

Here are the 2 that im researching… maybe someone has found better
or knows from experience what works. Now then i recently purchased a copy of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit its probably my favorite game expect the fact that my Dad wants it too… and well since it requires the CD…
to play im wondering what to do… I want to take it with me to school
but he wants it at the house… so i need to make a copy that will work for both of us… is it possible and how?

Fantom CD


posible yes
legal, most likely not.

Clone CD would have to be the most used software around here, followed by Nero.

With a combination like that, you will have no troubles with 90% of your games (depending on what burner you have - clone cd has a reference of what drives do what, often refered to as a 1 or 2 sheep burner.)