CD copy protection

I have recently bought the new Evil Nine CD, and it appears to have a form of copy protection different to those I have read about on this site.

When I put the CD into the drive on my PC, it does not recognise it at all, and the drive just constantly spins up, as if trying to read the disc.

The disc plays as normal in a regular CD player.

Has anyone come across this before?

Have you tried scanning the disc with a copy protection program?

Probably the best ones to try are ARay Scanner, ClonyXXL or ProtectionID. A list and downloads can be found here.

ahhhh… this is cactus audio protector (aka cactus data shield), it uses a illegal toc layout unreadable by pcs but ok in audio players. the only thing i can think of to beat it is actually conecting your sterio to your pc, then recoording, takes long as loses about 30% quality, but still sounds ok and is copyable and will play in car radios (cactus doesnt play in some new car cd players :frowning: ) or maybe as you own the original cd you could download the mp3s off p2p, i think this is legal as you own the original cd.

ps can anybody correct me on “is it legal to use p2p to copy a copy protected cd by redoenloading the songs” :slight_smile:

pps. to verify it is cactus data shield in the cd player the total cd time should be 99:59, even if the actuall cd is only 30 mins

Thanks for the replies.

I don’t think it is the cactus shield, because the disc comes up with the correct time when entered into a CD player.

After much trying, I eventually got some of the CD to rip - some tracks are ok, some have a few jumps, and some won’t play back at all!

ok, well just remember everybody, there is no such thing as a undefetable audio method, coz the companies cant protect the sound waves in the air ;), so you can all ways do it analoge if need be :slight_smile:

I believe EAC bypasses this problem. You can check it out HERE :iagree:

thanks zigzagman :slight_smile: