CD copy protection

I have my new Cd done, but i want to stop my friends from copying it. Which one is THE BEST ( and i want the best ) CD copy protection system.

P.S…please name a few… :wink:

This question is asked before a few times, with allot of answers. But since they where all in our Dutch forum I will shortly give you the answer.

Nothing is 100% secure! Even the best protected cd’s (SafeDisk2) can be copied! There are tools to copyprotect your cd’s but I think that someone that uses the right hardware and CloneCD can duplicate your cd’s!

Maybe if you use our very own SEARCH function, you can find out more of it!

Good luck 2 U!

is ther any shareware version of this copy protection program??

Originally posted by iwod
is ther any shareware version of this copy protection program??

If you are referring to SafeDisc 2 protection you are indeed a newbie :wink:

Safedisc2 is the protection used by the big companies to protect their CDs (mostly games)

Use the search funtion on this forum as Wookie suggested (that is freeware :D) and you might come up with a few suggestions.

Check a freeware copy protection program here. I never used it but it’s the only (free) one I know. The SafeDisc 2 protection was done by a company called Macrovision which is a professional company. These types of protections cost a lot of money (so you can forget freeware ;)) and, like Wookie saud, even these can be cracked so don’t get your hopes up protecting your own CD…

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