CD copy Protection image

Since I already know the answer to this its a wate of time posting, but I just wanted to clarify with you guys (the expers) :slight_smile: on the subject

Copy protection is unable to lie in image sourcess such as iso, zip, cue/bin, or any other image files, as even though the software detection is within the data area of the cd. the watermar is outside the normal data areas of a cd. thus imaging progtrams cannot replicate this. Correct ?

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I’m not a technical expert in this case but some format like .iso or .bin can hold all the information you’ll need to create a working backup of some protections using the right software. From my personall experience I can verify that using .iso format in combination with Alcohol is able to create a working backup of SafeDisc protected software. There are some more skilled members they’ll probably give you a more precise answer and more information :).

ok, as far as i know you cant make a 1:1 backup of a protected game (other thna very basic protections like cd-checks) with ISO/ZIP/CUE.BIN these justcant store the data needed, i dont know how kalas managed a safedisc backup with a iso, iether he a) used a illegal nocd or b) had some kind of emulation. mds/mdf, img/ccd, bw5/bwa are the main formats that can hold copy protection data, mds/mdf probibly the best.

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ISO files can be in either 2048 or 2352 bytes/sector (or some other variance). The 2048 version holds only user data (and no bad sector info), but the 2352 version holds bad sector info.

oh ok, are they both ISO 9660 standard?

The extension .iso does not refer to ISO 9660 standard. Anyway, specifically ISO 9660 standard is not an imaging file format - it is a specification to describe the CDROM directory, files, etc, structure. This may sound strange, but if you think about it .iso is really a binary file that consists of 2048 or 2352 byte blocks - hardly the ISO 9660 standard. Sorry about the lecture :). To your question to put it in another way they both do contain the file structure according to ISO 9660 standard.

Depends on the protection, depends on the watermark. Usually watermarking is used to idenify a source leak so the audio stream may have an embedded watermark if robust enough will remain intact on the mp3 or even to anaolog tape, this isn’t copy protection.

Depends on the protection I have no idea what one you’re asking about? Sure you can make a RAW 1;1 image unless the protection works. The only infomation that a RAW+96 image if done correctly cannot copy are CIRC Hardware-Level errors C1/C2 other than that it can.

With the right Hardware we can make a 1:1 copy of CDS200, minus the hardware errors.

how does watermarking transfer to tape, if you copy it by connecting you pc upto your sterio will it still be there? if so it is probibly actually somewhere in the sound.

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as in ISO files holding SafeDisc 3.20.022 or 2.90.040

Then I came across this sentence someone posted about NFS underground :

“Store the image in the Alcohol format and not ISO.” So I guess that’s that :slight_smile: ah well thanks for the info anyway.

I personaly wouldnt recommend ISO to you. Just stick with Alcohol 120%s’ native format (.mdf) and you should be ok.

Or video, that’s all it’s used for. Watermarking isn’t used on data apps since the tracking is obvious. Yes the watermark in an audio stream or video is much like the popular stealth watermarking used on web images (DigiMarc) almost every CDDA and DVD uses this today, but you don’t know since you can’t see it nor detect it :smiley:

If he was asking about data then he meant “key” which can be hidden, hexalock does a good one w/ that they can’t be copied only emulated.

merther02 can I have a key please? I lost mine :bow: :bigsmile:

If the SafeDisc protected CD has only one track/session, and if read correctly, then ISO can hold SafeDisc info easy.

Yep Alcohol 120 will do it w/ the correct hardware :wink: