CD copy protected problem

my question is i have ripped a few cds i have the mp3s on my computer. when i try to make an audio cd i cant. im trying to make a cd i can take and use at work. i was told i cant due to copy right. is there a program i can use to get around this. i use cdex to rip the cd.

So your trying to take mp3’s and make a regular CD out of them? Or are you trying to make a CD with mp3’s on it?

You can use Winamp (, free) to make audio CD’s. Just add the files to the listening que then click on the “ML” (media library) button, then click on the CD/DVD drive in the column, then click ‘add’ (the tracks from the now playing list), then click burn.

yes im trying to make an audio cd out of my mp3s. but the problem im having is with every cd ive tried so far the cd burns 3 to 4 tracks then it errors

I’m not a fan of creating Audio CD’s from .mp3’s but the problem is usually one or more corrupt .mp3’s.
I usually rip from a CD with EAC but many like Cdex too.It should have created good .mp3’s but that is not always the case.If you still have the original CD I would rip it again with Cdex to .wav this time & burn an Audio CD from the .wav files.
If that isn’t possible I would try to burn a CD with the software Burrrn.
If that fails you might try converting the .mp3’s to .mp3’s again with a software like Format Factory.To see if an uncorrupt file can be created.