CD copy problems



Can someone help me ?

I’ve got a SCSI Teac CD-R55S and an ASUS
S-340 CD-ROM drive.

I’ve got a problem with burning on-the-fly.

Using CD Copier I CAN burn from CD to CD at
4x, but this software can’t burn at disc-at-once. Using Easy CD Creator I CAN’T !

When I try it here the first 25 seconds from
the first audiotrack are f*cked up and the
rest of the cd works just fine.

Using NERO I CAN’T burn at 4x from cd to cd
because when track 1 is burned and it wants
to start burning track 2 I get a buffer

Can someone please tell me what the problem
is ?

What can I do about it

Please help !!!


Tha Sentinel

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