Cd copy problems!



I wanna copy a song of a cd to my computer but the problem is that I only can copy the link on the cd to the song!

The link is 0 Kb

Does someone knows how I could copy that song to my computer?


You must use a ripping program such as Exact Audio Copy or Cdex. There are many other programs that work, but these are highly regarded at cdfreaks and both are freeware.


Yes, Gamma1 is right. What you tried to do was maybe copying the “TrackNN.cda” that Windows Explorer showed you. But there are no real “files” on a CD-Audio, those *.cda names are just a trick to access them with the Explorer. I always use Exact Audio Copy to rip audio tracks to .wav (or .mp3) files and it works like heaven. Detects errors that other programs pass thru to the target file. All you have to do, the first time you use it, is letting it detect and understand your CD drive so it can choose the best strategy.


oke thank you guys!:clap:
What should I do without you all :bow::slight_smile: