CD Copy Help Needed

Hi guys can one of you please help with my problem

I’m trying to make a copy of Medal of Honor AA, I’ve downloaded several “tools” and as of yet I’ve had no sucess. Yesterday I thought I’d cracked it. Using ISOBuster I made a copy of the CD. When I inserted the copied CD the Autorun started so I thought I’d finally cracked it. However when I tried to run the game with the copied CD in the drive the game wouldn’t run and I had to use the original CD again. I’ve just managed to download CDClone (I’ve heard it’s very good). So could someone please tell me the best way to make a copy that I can use.

Thanks Loads


Have you read all the previous topics on this?
There are many topics on this forum in which it is explained to beat a wide variety of copy protections.

Don’t have a link at hand, but a search on this forum on ‘Medal AND Honor AND Allied AND Assault’ will definately turn up something useful for you.

MOHAA is protected with Safedisc 2.51.021. Use the Safedisc profile for CloneCD (since you have this program already) which is provided in this forum (here) and you shouldnt have a problem. What burner are you using? If you have a2 sheep burner you should be using the no AWS profile.