Has anybody cracked the damm thing, lets all stand together and do something about it.

I need help on cd-cops because mclallo cant crack the new versions on pixeline and other kids game (pixeline is a game for kids made in denmark)

I have a plex 8/2/20 and a yamaha 4/4/16 both scsi, i read somewhere that a tdk cd and clone cd could do the job, but it dosent work for me.


Sorry, pal, but the CD-Cops is a beast for everyone!
It measure the angle between the first and the last logical sector written in a CD.
I found 4 version of mcLallo decrypter:
I hope it helps.


Thanks for the help, but i have tried that and it only works up til version 1.60 of the cd-cops, the new ones, mclallo cant crack.
i think there must be a way to do it mclallo did it before so why not again, cd-cops is made by humans so there must be a human who can do something about it.
If its not possible to crack why is it so rarely used??? It sound to me that it is the best protect ever made (i dont think so)come on guys nothing is impossible, help me on this


If its not possible to crack why is it so rarely used ? [/B]

maybe the price they sell it to games company ??


No, because it is SO effective that sometimes doesn’t work on the originals itselfs!
…and because an average protection is the industry’s best way to diffuse new applications or games…


Have you tried to copy your CD-Cops Versions on Kodak or Mitsui Gold CDR-S?

You can read it many Times on the Net that those CDRs are 99,9 % equal to an original pressed CD.

Read the original with your Plex(I have the same one… :))

and try to burn on different speed.

good luck :slight_smile:


Im not sure this works but check out
They have made an aexcellent sofware for playing protected games.