CD Cops can be keygenned?

I was thinking, and it should be possible to make a keygen for CD-Cops, right? The serial enclosed on the back describes the angle at which the disc was pressed, correct? And when the disc is burned, it will be at a different angle, which could be detected using the same algorithm, since it (I think) should be fully deterministic.

And how is the angle calculated… spath?

Not keygenned exactly, but there are programs that “unwrap” the executable. IE decrypt the encryption and ascertain the actual value encoded on the disk. The actuall numbers used differ from batch to batch depending on the actuall physical values they get from that batch of media from the factory. That is why it cannot be keygenned because the value is determinend by the media itself not based on an algorythem.

Not keygenned by unwrapping the executable, keygenned by measuring the physical angle the disc was pressed at in the drive, and generating the equivalent code to enter into the game.

The angle isn’t hardwired into the executable, but entered into the computer by the user, and that code contains the angle information.

If you have the algorithm for making a code for the label on the back of the box, you could use your own burner to determine the angle it was pressed at, and ddetermine the equivalent code.

I was thinking this long ago but if nothing appeared…then i suppose it’s not as easy as seems. Starforce uses the same base so maybe will be something like in the future…
Let’s wait…

It won’t work with Starforce, because each time the application is run, you must connect to a database of all possible correct angle numbers.

Yeah I guess you could, however you would still need to know the encrypted value for the angle (ie after they take the angle’s physical value and then run in through their encryption routine to produce the 8/16 bit code) So if you knew the encryption routine used, you could run it for each batch of media that you ascertain the the physcial media angles on. The problem is the buggers keep changing their encryption routine :slight_smile: I am not sure about how many people they get their media from but if they get all their media from one place for a title (reasonable to expect?? I dunno) Then you could prolly generate a Keygen for that title as long as you work out their encryption routine. It should be doable because there are unwrappers out there allready that obvioulsy have done that allready.

Have you got a list of starforce/cdcops protected cds in europe?