Cd-cops and cloncd

I have Cambridge International Dictionary of English with CD-Cops copy protection. Can it be copied with CloneCd, i have CD-RW LG 8320b , firmware 1.04?

99.99% chance of “no”. OC-Freak has done it but he used lots of different media to do it and even then it was imperfect. I think he used Mitsubishi Chemical discs.

Reliable reading is important and perfect burning essential. If you have the time and money start with quality CD-R media as a CD-RW may not yield a result where CD-R will.

Use the Game CD profile in CloneCD.

I recall alexnoe saying that your best chance, so far as media is concerned, is to use kodak gold cdrs (if you can still find any given that they haven’t been made for quite some time :frowning: ).

Do any recent titles have CD-Cops on it?

No. CD-Cops did not detect original discs in some cases (esp. in some CLV readers), that’s why it has been discontinued.

i have LG GCE 8240B I made a successful backup bylatest version of CloneCD
look here
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