CD COPS 1.74 and 1.81 defeated

I made partially working CDs backup with Clone CD. With Alcohol 120% and its RMPS function, I was able to create fully working backups of CD-COPS v1.81 and CD-COPS v1.74 protected CDs.

My settings:
-speed: max
-read subchannel data
-Data Position mesurement (DPM): high precision

-Speed: max
-Burn RMPS to media

In the Alcohol 120% Emulation settings, be sure to select the “RMPS” setting.

I am using normal cheap under 50cents 700megs media.
I have a recent LG DVD-CDRW drive
Alcohol 1.4.2
The mounted image also works!

Thanks eveyone for your help.

I hope this will help other people