CD Compatibility


Maybe someone can help.

When I burn a Maxell CD on my computer it will play on my car CD player, my portable cd player, and on my entertainment center CD player (Denon). When I burn a TDK CD or a Memorex CD, they will play on all devices except for my entertainment center.

What gives? CDs are all CD-R 40X 700M. I’m baffled. Anyone ever experience this?



Media comes in all sorts of grades, even within brands or manufacturers. And you cannot buy simply by brand, since they change suppliers quite often.

The best quality cds are made by Taiyo Yuden in Japan. The Maxell Pro line used them for years, but those are getting harder to find locally. You can buy TY directly from online shops like and

Thanks for the tip, Kerry 56.

I have been THRILLED with my new switch to Taiyo Yuden blank media… absolutely makes a world of difference! No burning errors or compatibility problems so far!!