Cd collection to hard disk?

i’m looking for recommendations on how best to proceed with this proposition.

(a) for reading
(b) for database

format (conversion?) (lossless?)

pc, burner, fancy audio server, fancy audio converter

(apologies if this has been well-explored. a search for “hard disk collection” turned up nothing. really. nothing. a blank page.)


hello there
my personal suggestion will probaly differ from others,but here goes.
i use roxio to extract file from disk( it uses an on-line service to name"group,diskname,track name) i also use it to convert to mp3 to try & save some space.
then if you want a paper copy try kathy.its an many do you have? what do you plan to do with these once you get then to hd?are you goin to be perchasing an mp3 player?if so i would suggest using its software.if you use an apple then your kinda stuck using there software,yuk :Z .a good place to start will be the audio section of the forums,alot of this is allready covered there.good luck and happy hunting!! :iagree: