CD cloning help!



sorry for askin all the time, but i was i can learn really fast and understand all this…welll my main problem is burning neverwinter nights…ok before telling me ohh theres forums on that…i realized that it was about the peoples problems such as their burner or it either was about patching it…well sorrie i cant patch cause the file takes so long!!! so if u can plz help me overcome this AND BURN THIS DAMN GAME!!!:bigsmile:
ok first of all i used clone cd with the addons (the secrum thingy) version 4.2.0 i think. i also tried alcohol 120 and burned wit clone but…it didnt work…seriously i tried almost like evrything!!! THANK U IF U READ THIS FAR…jus syain thank u for helping!! ok my reader is a DVD Lg drd8160b and mah crappy writer is a 4x4x16 Yamaha crw441…uhh thats about it and so plz tell me wat to do and thnznk u for ur time!!!
sorrie for english