Cd Clone

I d/l clonyxxl, and profiler 1.2. I burned the disk according to the programs spec. and when i try to run the disk my computer freezes. I have the autoplay feature disabled as well, what am I doing wrong???

Reader, writer, cd you tried to copy, etc?

More info please if you want anyone to help you.

I have a Matshita cd 594 for the reader, Nec NR 7700A for my burner, and the cd I was trying to copy is Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun. My computer is about 2 years old, I think it meets the system requirements fine for the program. It copied it fine, no errors or anything. Just whenever I put it in either drive my comp. freezes up. Ctrl+alt+delete won’t work, mouse, nothing have to hold the power button.

Umm, from what I found Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun is Safedisc 1.11 and thats very doable. Your burner gets 2 sheep for Buffer-Underrun Technology but no sheep for Correct EFM-Encoding. What settings did you copy this game with. Since you posted in CloneCd forum I assume its with clonecd… what version, what read/write speeds, what profile for CloneCD??? Did you make sure the game runs correctly off of the original? Try running the game in all drives and I guess you can also try with “Hide CDR Media” enabled just to see if it helps. If all else fails and you have latest clone then try burning with Amplify weak sectors option and/or emulation. This old version of sfaedisc should really be doable I think.