Cd clone xxl translated?

i have looked for the clony xxl in english but i cant find itanywhere. All i have found is the german text program. help.:rolleyes:

preeeche ate it

I also am after Clony XXL. I have also got the german version but i cannout understand anything it says and what it means. At (not the CloneCD official site) i recently downloaded the english version translated from german of Clony XL and another program called Copy Protection Detection. I find these 2 programs work well in scaning cd’s for protection but i have heard alot of hype that XXL is much better. If anyone knows any links to the file could you please post them in this topic.



Well there’s a partially (about 90%) translated version of ClonyXXL around on but it’s still incomplete though and it uses the first Beta a version while the German version is already at Beta d. I believe a complete translated version will be released when ClonyXXL hits the final version but I can’t be sure of that…