CD Clone and Emulators



I have a question:

If I were to copy a CD with Clone CD, would it work on a Playstation Emulator? The only reason I ask is that I don’t have a mod chip for my Playstation, so it would be very helpful. Thanks:)


Nope,the copies won`t work.You need the cracked Versions of Bleem and Connectix Virtual Game Station.

As far as i now they also won`t play most of the Games.

A Game that really works great under Bleem is Gran Tourismo.

Play it at 1024*768 and :slight_smile:

Ps. A Modchip is not expensive,maybe you own an old PSX with a Slot on the backside then you can buy a Plugmod.Its a cardrige with a modchip inside.

Compatible Gameslist for the Emulators can be visited on the creators Pages.

Good luck…



Nevermind, but thanks anyway. My friend gave me his CVGS, and I got a modchip patch for it. So, it should work now. Thanks anyway for helpin tho.