CD "cleaning" sprays, do they work? what do they do?

While exchanging my mp3 player today, I came accross some CD cleaning sprays. Basically, you spray the chemical on the back of the CD and let it stay there for a min. Then, you wipe it off. Sounds nice and simple.

I was just wodering, are these sprays effective? Are they worth buying?(they are kinda cheap).

Some of my CDs have developed “white rashes” on their surface because I store them in those 200 storage CD pocuhes. And over time my CDs get these white rashes/spots (note: NOT SCRATCHES)… is that ok? should I use the cleaning chemical to remove them?

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my experience, Skip Dr works wonders for those friction marks. And don’t store disks in the binders, I learned the hard way.

Dont store in binders??? WHAT YOU MEAN? why not?

Hi Ya

problem with binders is pulling them in and out of those sleeves scratchs the discs…have at look at a disc you use a lot after having stored it in a sleeve for a while.

As Rdgrimes has said many times here the best way to store discs is either in a jewel case OR on a spindle. I store my discs on a spindle layed on its side so no downwards pressure is excerted on the bottom discs in the spindle. I have had zero problems with any disc so far. As well i am extremley careful of how i handle discs in the first place.

I would however like to try out some of these treatments to prevent fingerprints from being smudged all over discs through clumsy friends when i lend a disc…so any info on such treatments would be welcome …



I get around this by using inkjet-coated blanks or by placing the “label” side of the CD-R against the binder backing rather than the clear vinyl front. No issues to date, even with fragile silver-top TYs. After all, the data side of the disk can withstand many Disk Doctor cleanings.

The combined weight of the cd’s and pages cause friction a “rub marks” on the cd’s.