CD Changer for PC

Does anybody know if there is one of those CD Mega changers (300-400 discs) that can be hooked up to a PC so you can fill it & automatically rip all your CDs to mp3 onto a computer hard drive. I know Sony has been making mega changers, but not sure if they have this feature. Maybe someone else makes one. If not, any suggestions on how I can easily transfer all my CDs to my computer instead of the current one-at-a-time method?

I’m actually working on that very problem, using a Powerfile C200 CD/DVD changer. The unit holds 200 discs at a time, is made to be connected to a PC via Firewire and they can be purchased relatively cheaply on eBay ($4-600).

A number of people have made auto-ripping scripts for use with Linux and the MTU module, but since all of the machines on my network are Windows based, I’m scripting the procedure in Perl and using a COM object to manipulate the changer.

I will say this, though: I’m having a devil of a time trying to get the audio stream from discs mounted in the changer. If anyone can offer any constructive suggestions, I’ve posted details here: