CD/CD-R Burner Software only - DVD option not required



hi there,
i have been battling with burning CDs using a bundled version of Direct CD on Windows 2000. i am always having problems, and want to buy some better CD/CDR burning software.
i have been doing some online research, and have checked out Alcohol 120%, Nero etc.
it seems that (quite logically) all the latest versions of burning software include DVD burning option. I don’t need to burn DVDs - I just want to burn data/audio to CDs easily.
i would like to go for nero - but nero 7 is just too much functionality and cost for my requirements - in a way an earlier version would be more appropriate, but of course they are no longer available.
can anyone advise on some cheaper / less whizzy options for my simple needs?
thx in anticipation.


I don’t know if it will help, but check out I did not like the expense of doing something that I thought should be fairly straight forward and have launched this effort to provide a free alternative.

I have a ways to go for DVD, but CD/R and CD/RW work fairly well. I have not tried this with older drives (particularly those without burn proof), but if your drive has burn proof it works fairly well.



For Audio CDs I’d recommend Burrrn ( , it’s free & does a decent job.

However, I tend to use Roxio v7.5 for MP3 & Audio CDs in preference to Nero. Direct CD - now called DragtoDisk - is not for Audio CDs at all.

Ebay is a good source older , cheap versions of Nero, Roxio etc.