Cd-cd copy no-go



Thought I'd give CD Mate a try, as the posts made it sound interesting. Operationally it looked pretty simple, so made an image file (audio disk) 60 mins. worth in 2m 37 secs, then burnt a disk in 3.03 (Liteon 32123s/Mitsubishi 80 min. 24x disk). I was happy with that. But..... I then tried to do an audio disk on the fly, CD - CD. The CDRom drive (Actima 44x) whirred for a minute or two, then up popped an error message saying it had timed out because the drive couldn't spin up in time!
Closed the programme, with the disks still in the drives, opened Nero and proceeded to copy the disk. (This setup also works fine with EZCD).
Anyone else had this problem?


Live long and prosper (holds paired fingers up).


I am stunned by the response I have invoked…
I tried again, using the Easy Duplicate option. This also failed, message reads “Failed in CD-mastering”. At least it didn’t stuff my blank. So, sorry guys, your programme, she not looking so good.



Originally posted by dik
I am stunned by the response I have invoked…

For quicker response, go to the forums over at CD Mate.