Cd Catalog

does anybody have any suggestions on where i should start looking for a cd cataloging program?

i have been looking almost everywhere and checked out almost everyforum, and it is always the same programs, cdroller, wincatalog, visual cd,etc… not that i have any complaints, these programs are just not something that would be measureable with a nero class program.

that is what i am basically looking for a big shot company cd cataloging program.

Here ya go. Very nice program.

:cool: :cool:

thank you, platinumsword
that is indeed a very prestigious program.

but i am looking for something more in the range of all in one program, something like cd storage master and all the other cd cataloging programs, but only more classy, classy in the sense of made by a big shot company.

Ant Movie Catalog has scripts available for catalogging music. I use it for video because all you have to enter (generally) is the title and run a script to fill in the details.

CD Catalog Expert----Excellent…The Older one v.8.0 is better than the new un.

I suggest Smart CD Catalog
And today it is free for one day only.