CD Cases: any difference between brands..?

Is there any real difference between brands apart from the style and whether they are hard or soft?

Well depends. The hard plastic ones you have the regular and the slim line. Now the paper sleeve ones vary a bunch. The paper ones have been known to scratch somewhat while the Tyvek ones are supposed to be alot better/softer. I have many different types of paper ones and i really like the soft Tyvek ones. :clap: Here’s a link to a recent thread

Thanks, I was mainly enquiring about the hard case travel type such as space. with soft sleeves; but I do have CD’s in paper sleeves @ the moment (does anyone know of any problems with the old Sanyo 74min & 80min 12x or Mr. Data 74min 12x Phthalocyanine or the 80min 12x CDRs paper sleeves?)