Cd burns failing with nec dvd nd-3520aw with nero

what up forum. i’m in desperate need of help. tried to burn audio files (mp3) for a CD-r in my dvd-r burner. until yesterday i’ve never had a problem. but now it fails each and every time i try to burn an audio disc. i’ve defragment hard drive,uninstalled and reinstalled software (nero) changed audio files and i still get the similiar error log when it fails. here’s the log that i get.(attachment) any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

What for a media brand you’ve used?

i had a similar problem, nero just refuses to burn no matter what, I had nero After losing a lot of sleep and a lot of hair, I finally did the following

1 remove all traces of nero from your computer(search for it and delete if it wont uninstall)

2.updated to nero which you can find at

Or at I recommend buddy)

Theyre are demo versions so after 30 days of trying it, youll have to pony up the dough!