CD Burns=Audio gaps over 8X 1008

Does anyone have an idea why I can’t burn any CD over 8x without risking gaps in the audio when playing back the CD? It’s almost as if the speed is too fast for any media. When I’ve used AudioCentral the drive buffer appears to use up quickly so I assume that this has resulted in the gaps.

Then I upgraded the firmware to 157 and the buffer seemed to hold better. I burned using Nero and when I listened to the audio, it still had the gaps.

When I burn using 8X speed only, I get perfect copies. I’ve used 48X media, I’ve upgraded the firmware, I’ve run tests on the drive speed. Everything checks out but then there are these audio defects. Any ideas?

Maybe try other media? 48x certification doesn’t automatically mean the media is good quality :wink:

Is there gaps when playing the disc in all players or just in some players?

I’ll backup audio at 8x only, on any burner. I’ve found that this keeps me from producing coasters.

Ok, so it takes a little longer. But I’m seldom in such a big hurry that I couldn’t wait a few minutes longer.

Regards, Martin A

I’ve tried two different blanks at this point with the same results. For the audio playback, I am using the DVD writer itself. I haven’t bothered to take the disc to the car because I figure the same gaps would playback on that CD player.

silly question:

do you mean gaps between songs or in the songs?

I mean gaps in songs. Like small skips at random intervals.

Originally posted by victorD
I mean gaps in songs. Like small skips at random intervals.

Do you have a harddrive connected to the ide-channel of the writer?
If yes, disconnect it and try again.

I’ll try it. Thanks.