Cd burning



Hi everyone,
I am using Nero and a HP burner to burn a Powerpoint presentation that is narrated and has videos linked to it. The problem is that I want the narration files and the video files to be hidden on the burned cd so that the user only sees the Powerpoint presentation icon. I don’t want them to open the narration files or videos, just the poerpoint show.
Also, I want to burn it so that none of the files can be saved to the users hardrive, obviously the narrations and videos have to be in the same folder and if a user doesn’t copy everything, the show won’t work correctly.
So, how can i hide files on a burned cd and how can make all the files be un savable to hard drive, meaning i want to force them to run the powerpoint from the cd.


I don’t know that you can hide the files. At least not from any competent PC user.


Your probably referring to something like SecurRom that the media has to be in the drive to work. If that is the case you should do a search on the net to see how you can implement that feature on the media. That would be where you should first search for it. Otherwise your left with contacting those companies that imployes those SecurRom or likes onto their media.


Found out my answer in case anyone else had a similar question. I used the pacakge for cd option in ppt and set up the presentation as a show. It packaged all the narration and vids and some autorun stuff. When you putit in the drive it plays automatically and you have to right click in my computer and go to properties to even see the files in the package. otherwise, clicking the cd drive icon in my computer just starts the show over again. It is almost exactly what i needed except for making the files hidden. They are pretty inaccessible to a typical user. They would have to work to mess this up.


As they are burned onto a CD, they couldn’t mess it up anyway. The only way to alter the files would be to copy them onto the HDD first, which the average user won’t be doing anyway.