Cd burning

Been recently burning a alot of songs of to cd-rs using itunes…

When I burn at a slow 8x speed, the cds will always play perfectly in my car…

When I burn at 24x/ or max I have to put the cd in and out of my deck like 50 times for it to read it… The burn is successful, the music is there and my computer sees it… but in my car (and my friends) the cds I burned at higher speeds the laser has trouble tracking!

Whats the deal!

Mabe its possible my burner only supports slow speeds like 16x or something?

How do I find out what cd burner I have (If that helps)

The problem lies in your cd players. Some are simply picky about burned cds. Many recommend burning audio cds at 16x.

Besides, if you’ve found a formula that works…ie burning at 8x…why not use it?

You can use Nero Info Tool to examine your burner, its firmware revision, make, model and capabilities. Free to download and use:

very true Kerry, thanks,

Just wanted to make sure its not a Hardware error or anything…

  • burning as max speed is a lot faster than the 8x! ; )