CD Burning

Hello everyone, i am asking for a friend, who uses his laptop to burn his created audio files onto CD, recently it has stopped working, what sort of errors etc stop burning from happening?

Any info on drive or laptop just ask. Thanks.

Dougle WATP. :bigsmile:

Hi Dougle :slight_smile: - ask your friend to tell you word for word any errors he’s getting, as burns failing could have any one of a number of causes. If he’s using Nero, and can give you an error log to post here, that’d be great :wink:

Also, tell him to try using Burrrn to create audio CDs from his files, might help (unless that’s what he’s using already!).

Hello, my friend uses iTunes to burn his audio files however recently the iTunes has been saying ‘No burning software found’ or something similar.

Also he recently tried to install printer software (I know wrong section however i think it may be connected) but the software package wouldn’t open and came up “Error”.

Thank you for the reply, i appreciate it.

Dougle. WATP