CD Burning

I am making an archive of all my CD’s. Part of this collection is my game CD’s. I am trying to make working backup images of Chessmaster 10th Edition. This set uses SafeDisc 2.9. I used Clony XXL to determine this. I recorded the images using Alcohol 120%; the latest version. I burned one of the images onto a CD-RW disc. It tries to load, but fails and asks that a CD be inserted in the drive. Was my mistake using a rewritable CD? Any other suggestion would be appreciated. :confused:

Well the first thing to do is re-scan the disc and, if need be, the installation directory with an up to date scanner. ClonyXXL hasn’t been updated for years and won’t record any version of safedisc higher than 2.9. Try using A-Ray Scanner instead and report back.

When you do so, also let us know what burner/s and any other reader/s (i.e. ordinary cd/dvd roms) that you have so we can let you know if it’s even possible with your equipment.

I found A-Ray It states that one file, game.exe, is protected with SafeDisc 3.20.022. There are three CD’s that make up the CM10K set. Each has this file.

As for my hardware, my primary CD drive is a Sony CRX220E1. It is about 4 years old. My second CD drive is much newer. It is a Lite-On DVD-RW, model number SOHW-1633S. I do not use it for regular CD’s. For some reason it does not deal with them very well. So I have kept the older Sony.

I have another computer that also has a Lite-On drive. It is a combo drive that is a standard CD-RW and DVD-ROM. Its model number is SOHC-4832K. I thought about doing a swap with this drive and the older Sony. I hardly ever use the CD drive in the other computer.

My primary computer has a P4 CPU, 2.8GHz. 512MB RAM. A Chaintech SPT-800 Board. A Maxtor 200GB HD. I am running XP SP2. The only other piece of hardware connected to the IDE ports is a Colorado 20GB Travan tape drive that I use for backups.

That about cover it. I hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

Your drives all appear to be writers. Accordingly, if you want to run the game from a back-up copy, you’ll need to enable “Ignore media type” in alcohol’s emulation options.