Cd burning

help , when i download a whole album using torrent there are no gaps between tracks , any ideas , tried elswhere on another forum , but just got no help from a “senior” technician . the album is non copywrite protected

You have already asked this question here and had your thread closed (for obvious reasons).

The fact that the album is not copy protected does not mean that it is not copyright. Indeed, I have little doubt that it is copyright and so I’m closing this thread too and I repeat the advice you were given in the other thread-

“Buy the original.”

[Note: If you believe that I’m doing you an injustice, then send me a PM with details of the album (i.e. name of album, artist/s, publisher (if known)] and if I’m satisfied that it is not copyright, I’ll re-open the thread. However, in the absence of you doing so, do not post this question again.]