Cd burning track tiles and names

hey all. Kinda stumped on this one . i have several Lp’s that i am converting to cd’s. I got them all over to wav files and sound good . my problem is that i burn them with nero 6 to just audio file to play in any player it loses the names and just names them to track1, track2. I wanted them to keep the original names. I dont know if this can be done or not.

if i go to MP3 of course they keep the tag but some of my players cant read MP3 thta is why i have went the other route. If anyone knows an answer or another program to use …please let me know

You have to have a writer that can burn CD Text and enter that data for each track in your burning program (eg Nero).
Then when you play it, you must play it in a player that has CD Text enabled…which are not many…

i use to be able to do it …but now i cant …i have tired and tried to find a way …i can list my burner if that will help but i know i have done it before. …i have used nero and use to get a database pop up but not anymore …i have check all options and it says for it to come up but dont …

The database will most likely not come up for albums you convert from vinyl. The track times will be slightly different from 1 conversion to another.

In Nero you need to type the information in for each track and use a burner that supports CD-Text writing.

When you go to burn the CD you’ll notice there are some ‘Tabs’ at the top of the Burn Compilation window. One of these will be named Audio CD or something similar. In this tab there is a check box labeled ‘Write on CD’. You need to make sure this is checked to enable Nero to burn your audio tracks with CD-Text