CD Burning Software for Various Writers

Can anyone tell me if there is a single CD Burning software that will support the Sony CRX140E, Sony CRX175E2, Sony CRX185A1, Sony CRX185E1, Teac W512E-A02, Yamaha CDR400, Plextor 412C, and the Pioneer DVR-103?


  • Is there any particular program that you’ve had trouble with?[]What do you want to do? (duplicate/pre-master/CD-DA/MP3 etc)[]What OS?

Well, I have Primo for some of my drives, then I have B’s Gold and B’s clip for some others because Primo won’t work with them and neither will Sony’s own proprietary software (if u believe that or not) - I’m just trying to get all of them using the same software. I want to be able to pre-master, duplicate, and everything else you do with a CD Writer using Windows XP Pro, XP Home, 2000, and Win98.