CD Burning software for HP Writer

I am trying to back up a CD-ROM that I believe is Write Protected.
I have a HP 9300 Series Plus Writer and I am unable to make a replica of the CD. It spits the copy out as if it copied OK, however when I try to load it up it just acts like it wants to open the program but does not. Instead it gives me some lame message like library cannot be found, or something like that.

So a friend of mine gave me a copy of a program called NERO that came with his writer. The program worked sweet on his computer and with his writer, but when I got it home it would not recognize my writer.

Is there a way for me to get over this hurdle?

You can try the latest version of Nero (maybe you got a very old one?)
The latest is and is avalible from

I am downloading it right now. Thanks for the help.

it could also be that the copy of nero that your friend has, works for his drive only. (just a thought). Anywayz, downloading the latest version is always gonna work and is good.

but if your cd is protected, i suggest you download Clone Cd from Elaborate Bytes

this is the best software yet for protected games. :wink:

Thanks for all the help. I downloaded the latest version of NERO and it did work. However I have another disc that I am trying to back up and I am unable to. It’s called Age of Empires II (computer game) and NERO tells me that it is a protected disc and then it spits it out.

Do you think Clone Cd will work with this game?