CD Burning/Reading Problems

I own a Toshiba Laptop computer which is windows based. I use iTunes for all my music and audio files/CD playing etc. I have had it for over a year now.
I have never had any problems until 2 nights ago. I use Bearshare for my downloads. I tried to use Limewire and I feel it trigured something in my computer. I tried to burn a CD (never had an issue before) and it gives me an iTunes message that says “CD burner/drive is in use by another application” It doesnt say what application or where to find it. When I click on that drive it is empty. When I click on Task manager to see if anything else is running, there is nothing else running. I tried to put in an audio CD bought from the store and now it doesn’t read that either. I put in a DVD though and it played fine, so hte drive is functioning fine. Does anyone know what is wrong with it? I erased and deleted all Limewire stuff. How do I reset that drive to be able to read audio again and how do I get iTunes to burn and read CD’s and be my default program for audio again. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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