CD Burning question/problem



I have nero version, here is the problem. I will burn a music cd, and when I play it back after song 7 or 8 the music is all garbled. I ahve tried playing them back on several different cd players(car, computer, stereo etc…) they all do the same thing. The weird thing is that the cd player will try to play the song than skip backwards to the song before, and if that one is garbled it will skip backwards until it finds a readable song? SO my question is, is it my software, my cd burner(40x12x40x), the cd’s(fujifilm cd-r 700mb/80min), th mp3’s themselves? What can I check, should I check/change etc…
Thanks for all/any help, I really appreciate it,

BTW let me know if you need any other info…


Try a different brand of cdr, try ripping the tracks before you burn them with CDDAE. If they rip correctly but don’t burn correctly, I’d suspect your burner.


do you burn “on the fly”??
(directly from the cd to cd-r)


I burned from my hardrive, I tried burning at 4x and limiting the size to 8 or 9 songs VS the 14 or 15 I was trying before, and they played back fine. It seems like a waste of space since they are cd-r’s


strange problem

how filled was the cd with 8/9 songs of the total of 80 minutes??


Try a different burning program/defrag your hard drive prior to a burn/get more memory/do a test burn/create an image file and burn from that/try just copying a cd and see if that works properly. It isn’t clear what you are attempting to do/prevent. Send a cdr you have burned and I will test it thoroughly to see what may be the problem. But basically it comes down to: Either the burning program has bugs/needs updating, or your drive is faulty. Drives do fail and as we all know, program udates are ‘bug fixes’. Lets not forget cd burners ‘fussiness’ when it comes to media. Burning problems are very irritating and I’ve had plenty of them. Here is one reported by Nero, a classic: ‘IDE/SCSI Host Timeout Error’. Just what does that mean to me? It tells me that I’ve burned a coaster or the burn process failed. My opinion is that Nero ‘guessed’ the wrong write speed and choked as the result. Problem with burning programs is there are not enough safeguards in place to prevent failed burns. Feurio is pretty good at goof proof burns, but I have seen it fail as well. A good program I use by Arrowkey is ‘Timewrite’. It will tell you the correct burn speed, if the media is 48x rated and Timewrite reports 24x, that’s what I burn at. It is a freeware program.:cool:


i will try your suggestions. I really appreciate your time in trying to help me. I will let you know the results.


Anything to help a fellow burner.:cool:



just use another burn tool like feurio or audiograbber or exact audio copy or fireburner or…