CD burning problems

Hi there Newbie to burning DVDS from internet downloads of music clips can burn cds at a snap . have tried nerao windows media windows movie maker and dan dan I keep getting a message no medium its driving me nuts.verbatim CD-RW1x-4x-700MB 1 other question well 2 really) what is medium and where do I get it. Thanks in advance scatterkat

Welcome kat, maybe your drive doesn’t like the “medium” which is the disc itself (media)…try a regular CD-R …It’s obvious you’ve burned CDs in a “snap” before right? what type were they?
What burner are you using?

Hi George Carlin, thanks for reply. I can rip and burn music cd’s til the cows come home I can download from MP3rocket and Limewire and burn cd’s from that music in windows media no problem. What I am have problems with is Music clips downloaded from MP3rocket . They are classified as music video’s I keep getting the no medium message up and cannot get past that .even the wizard for burning cannot do the job.I need to know what is the content of the medium and what it is. Medium is as I found out is a source like a disc and as these did not come from a disc that I have loaded where wld I find the medium needed, Would the medium be the program I used to download this stuff ? Which was MP3rocket. thanks scatterkat