Cd burning problems

hi guys…i’m getting the following error message when i burn cds or dvds…please enlighten me on this.

Sense: 03 ASC: 0C ASCQ: 00 (Command 2A)


i’m using a toshiba sateillte series with matshita dvd ram-841 us.
windowsxp mediacenter,burning software was sonic as i have lot of unsucessful burns with nero 7 ultra edition.

please help me out…

The laser might wear out or your brand of media is of a very bad quality. Try high quality media or another writer to make sure it isn’t software.

Use suitable media.

hi guys…i tried with nero again it burnt 85% of the matter and said write error…do u guys think its a hardware problem or a software problem…i’m fed up trying to backup my files…how will i know if my laser has worn out…

What exact media have you used??

hi…i used moser baer pro cds,700mb

Then try another brand,