CD burning problems

Hello, I’m having trouble burning cd’s. I have an LG gsa 4166b cd/dvd drive.
Im using Roxio easy cd/dvd creator.

I burned one track on the list of songs, and it burned fine, and played back fine also. But when trying to burn the whole list, it comes up with errors very quickly. Ive attached a word doc with the screen shots of the errors given. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Well I have to say most people would just paste their screen shot onto the forum as forum users can’t be sure if it is spyware or malware hidden into the document. So if you can post a picture on the forum for us to see would be appreciated as for me I don’t click on documents I dont know what is inside of it.

Yes, indeed. First post amended accordingly.

OK, So is your software version updated to the lastest version? And Is your firmware on on your burner updated as well and is it set to master on its own IDE cable. And have you checked your media your using is acceptable media to burn onto as some media are better quality then others. Also is your songs that you created on your HD of good quality? That also determines its out burn quality to the media. Make sure your motherboard BIOS is also latest firmware as well. From what I can read your error seem to note the drive is having problems writing that to me would indicate a bad burner going out or bad media. But check for firmware and software updated to see if that will help burn more quality media. Also does this problem happen if you just copy and paste to your blank media from the windows explore setup? There are alot of things that can go wrong so we have to eliminated as much setup or hardware and or software updates to track down the problem. Also check each manufacture site support to find out if that similiar problem has occur. I have to admit I have a liteon drive but problems can be similiar but I have updated firmware and BIOS update and software update as well to avoid most basic problems to track down the elusive problems.

coolcolors and imkidd57 I’m so sorry, you are right about the document. and coolcolors, I do have the latest firmware for the burner, I’ve checked that already, Ill check on the others. How would I locate BIOS update? I was somewhat confused when I could easily burn one track and it came out just fine, so when I went to burn them all I thought things would be ok at that point. But… guess not.

E8004184a: command error illegal mode for this track
E80041874: recorder error- track following error
E80041934 TrackWriter error- flush failed
E80041925: TrackWriter error- command retry failed

Thanks for your quick reply also.

Save each audio track to the HDD in the form of *.AIF file. Now use Roxio to burn each audio track from the HDD to the CD.

As for BIOS update would be located on the motherboard that would be who made your motherboard. You would go to their website and look for your specific motherboard and look for the link to BIOS or firmware update and also if you can open your case that will tell you who made your board.


I ran system specs on my computer and unfortunately Dell doesnt support this motherboard anymore and I couldnt locate anything on it. Ive burned numerous cd’s on this computer, then was messing around inside taking out my cd-rom and putting it in my daughters computer. Im sure I have everything hooked up right, as I stated, I did burn one track just fine. Im thinking its one of the tracks on the list Im trying to burn, as it seems to load into Roxio differently than the rest, Im gonna try to replace it and try again.

Thanks much


How would I change the format from mp3 to aif?

I have had problems with some of the older Dell computers and newer optical drives. I think it had something to do with Dell propriety hardware. I never could get the newer burners to function properly ( and I tried Liteon, Sony, and Plextor). So I returned them and put the original Samsung back in the Dell.

If it’s MP3, then copy each track to the HDD. You only need to convert to AIF if you are transferring CDA track to the HDD.

Hello again… furballi, thanks for the info, unfortunately I was burning from the copies on my hdd. I think I will try Pernundel suggestion and put the old burner back in and see if it will work then.

I’ll post back.

Thanks again everyone.