CD burning problem


I am new to this forum and i would like some help with my CD burner. I have E-Machines Laptop M5310, i have already burned about 200 Cds using it without any problem. the system runs on a Windows XP athlon 2400+ and 448 MB ram.
But for the last 2 weeks i have not been able to burn any CD, i use NERO and when the CD is about 50%-60% complete i have a major buffer underrun, the CD finishes burning but then it does not work. sometimes it may open the CD but then there is nothing inside it.
the only change i did to the system was buy a new printer and installed it, it is a HP Printer-scanner-copier. i don’t have a lot on my starup and i even block the internet and the norton antivirus and close all the other programs when i am burning.
when i called customer service they said i should disable all the startup programs using MSCONFIG, and then the second option was to reinstall the printer with all the latest drivers. but then i have disabled the printer and i have disabled it in startup.
Can someone plz help me, i have already wasted about 15 CDs and have even microwaved a few CDs out of frustration…

Is the burner an internal or usb/firewire external.
Is the printer usb?
If both are usb then that may be your problem try just having the burner plugged in from a fresh boot and see if that helps.
Also try burning at 4x or lower and see if that cures your problem.


thank u for ur reply. I have an internal CD burner with 24X capacity, and an external USB printer.