CD burning problem

I have win2000 with two IDE controler…one withe two HD and other with CD-ROM and CDRW. I am trying to burn .bin file from
my HD using CDRWIN…I am loosing lot with failure…I think I have underburn problem…Any idea

If you are using CDRWin and are using a wrong serial number you will not be able to burn an image correctly.

If you are using the correct serial number (and you are very sure of this) it could be a buffer underrun. Make sure you disable all programs that run in the background (Screensaver, virus scanner etc.)

Try CCD to copy, this prog doesn’t fake you if you give in a serial by saying it’s ok, and then burn a coaster.

how do you have the drives on the ide ?? DO u have DMA on or off?

surely it would be better to have a cdrom AND a hard drive on one bus and the same on the other? (obviously one has the burner)???

you could get buffer underruns if you are doing clonecd type of things with your current setup?

alternatively - try a different burning prog. !¬)