CD Burning problem

I have a .cue image of an audio cd I backed up to my hard drive previously using Alcohol 120% I can mount it without any problems, no protection emulation required, etc. However, when I attempt to burn it, the problems begin. I first attempted to burn to CD-RW, using Alcohol, and it froze at about 97%. The computer completely locked up. No task manager, nothing! At this point, the drive’s LED shows that activity on the disc had finished. So, I reset my computer, and of course, the disc was not readable!

Tried this multiple times, no avail. Then, I tried to burn a Knoppix live CD. Once again, same problem (CD-
RW) but after about 3 times of burning, failing and erasing, it worked! Knoppix worked perfectly. The same problems occurred with Ubuntu linux, Madriva Metisse, etc… sometimes failing, occasionally working! I had another CD-RW which I once again tried to burn the Audio CD. Didn’t work again. So, I thought it was a firmware problem and upgraded from 15AF to 16AF, which was supposed to “increase media compatibility”.

The Audio CD worked perfectly, burning onto CD-RW, but of course, my car CD player and hi-fi system cannot play CD-RW. So, I tried burning it to CD-R. It froze again! Wasted CD! Used another CD, different brand, and still the same problem occurred. Two wasted CDs and I don’t know what to do. I have had these problems with Nero 7.0 Ultra Edition before as well!

I have burnt many home videos to DVD using this burner before, through Nero, so I don’t know what the problem could be!?!?! :sad:

These are my specifications:
DVD±RW Recorder: Optorite DD1601
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
Memory: 2GB RAM Dual channel
Hard drive: 120GB + 80GB
Running Windows XP SP2

Any ideas/suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

For a problem like this, it would be best to contact support and submit a System Report from within Alcohol for analysis. Perhaps something can be discerned from there to determine the source of the problem.